"Hi Carlene: Hope all is well with you. We're still unpacking - believe it or not! Our baby girl - Seraphina Isabel (photo attached) - came on May 19, and has rightfully been the center of our attention since day one. She was a healthy 8 lbs. and 7 oz. and 21 inches long, and she's been growing lots already! She loves her new home. We're very happy with the house and the neighborhood, and grateful for your assistance with the search and all of the logistics: for your patience, and your willingness to drive us all around the Sacramento area for weeks and weeks! In the end, it was all worth it! Now, on to the landscaping and the countless other "projects" associated with new home ownership... Thanks again for all of your help! " Nicole and Elliot

"We were referred to Carlene Bloodworth by a friend of ours who recently had to short-sale his home. We were faced with an underwater mortgage that we could no longer afford. Carlene proved to be a professional and knowledgeable agent in marketing our home, working with the lender, and closing the sale. Because Carlene had experience with short sales, she paid attention to the details that kept the process moving, while maintaining calm during what most people would find stressful. We were able to short-sale our home in approximately four months - from listing to close. We were so pleased with Carlene's abilities that we have referred her to others who have found themselves in our situation and we hope to work with Carlene in the future when we are ready to purchase." Samantha

" We simply can't recommend Carlene enough as an expert in the short-sale process. As my husband and I were faced with a difficult decision to relocate, we were very worried about how to sell our home in this depressed housing market. Carlene quickly swooped in and made us feel reassured. She did an outstanding job first of marketing our home and working directly with our short sale negotiator. This took a huge load off of us regarding the back-and-forth phone calls with our lender and allowed us to focus instead on our relocation. We had 3 interested buyers within a very short time of listing the home and Carlene brought things to a successful close of escrow with the first interested party in 3 months. Most of the short-sale stories we had heard ranged from a minimum of 6 months' time so we were extremely pleased with this quick turnaround. This really helped us move on financially and emotionally much quicker while minimizing the damage to our credit. She is also an expert in our geographical area on the housing market. We felt this knowledge helped us secure an offer for top-dollar and thus motivated our bank to agree to a short sale price more quickly. We can't thank Carlene enough for all she has done to help our family. She is absolutely the best!Michelle

"Thanks again to you and Eve, we absolutely couldn’t have done it without you both and we really, sincerely appreciate all you have done. Have a GREAT Christmas and awesome New Year, You guy's rock!" Mike J.

"We engaged Carlene Bloodworth as our real estate agent in September 2020 and through the sale of our home in January 2021.  We found that Carlene was a diligent worker and appointment keeper meeting many potential buyers onsite and over the phone.  She always represented us in a positive, uplifting manner in her conversations and in discussions with other real estate agents.  Carlene does what she says she will do and is a tough defender of your position as a seller.  She stayed with us through all the highs and lows of selling and did not abandon us even with the setbacks that inevitably accompany this process, displaying grace under pressure.  She stood beside us and did not deviate from the course that we agreed upon together.  She provided expert advice and counsel throughout the entire selling process.  Carlene displayed the highest integrity and trustworthiness of any real estate agent we have ever met.  We highly recommend her to others desiring to sell their home."  Mr. Raleigh Knowles